About Us

Bill and Debbie Tellman first acquired a taste for good bread while traveling (and in Bill’s case living) in Europe in the 70’s and 80’s. When Bill, Debbie and 3 year old Julia moved from northern California to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1992, they were disappointed that the recent American resurgence in artisanal bakeries had not yet reached Charlotte. Bill was a chef, and began experimenting with bread-making for the restaurant. After a couple of years in Charlotte, the lure of the mountains drew the Tellmans to Brevard. They had considered opening a restaurant, but decided to open a bakery instead, so that they could have good bread all the time. They were encouraged by several local business leaders who thought the time was right for Brevard.

Bracken Mountain Bakery’s ovens were first fired in March 1995, and 6 weeks later Emily was born. Now Julia and Emily join their parents in operating Bracken Mountain Bakery when they are not in school. Bill’s dream was that the children of Brevard would grow up loving the breads and pastries from the bakery in their little town. It has been fun to watch the infants teething on our organic dog biscuits, the toddlers munching on cookies and hard rolls, the elementary school kids asking for Sunflower Oat Bread for their school lunches, and the high school kids stopping in for an herb flat bread or a pesto parmesan baguette after school. Returning college students say the bakery is their first stop back in town.