“During my first visit to Bracken Mountain Bakery on Feb 17, 2009,  I was very much impressed with the qualityof your bread and pastry products.  Equally impressive is the atmosphere of warmth and congeniality that one feels while buying or consuming your coffee and bakery products.”   Robert Emmons – Salem, SC   2/18/09

“I grew up in a small town in southern Norway.  I lived in a house right next door to a small bakery where my father worked as a baker.  Every morning that wonderful aroma of newly baked bread would permeate the whole neighborhood.  Your bakery creates wholesome, delicious bread with chewy crust and wonderful aroma.  Small tables where one can enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin.  Your bakery gives Brevard a soul and personality.  Thank you for being here.”     Ingrid Birkeland – Brevard, NC  3/24/09

“Bracken Mountain Bakery is the heart of downtown Brevard, our favorite place in the world.  Just up the street from the fantastic new public library, open conveniently for breakfast and lunch, and source of the most wonderful organic, whole-grain baked goods and delicious coffee!  What more can you ask?  A gathering place for contented locals and amazed drop-ins, Bracken Mountain Bakery should be the #1 stop for visitors to western North Carolina.”   Brevardatheart - Montgomery, AL  3/19/08

“For eight years now we have made the trek from Louisiana to drop children off at a local camp.  Your bakery has become a part of our summer lives.  We tend to buy for the morning and noon, but never seem to have any bread left when noontime rolls around.  Though you’ll never remember our faces or names among the hundreds of people that pass through your shop, know that you’ve brought a great deal of pleasure to nomads from Louisiana.”  Ralph Howe – Baton Rouge, LA  6/9/08

“Paris is gorgeous. You guys would love it. There is food everywhere, and people are actually pretty nice (or have been for the most part). Oh yeah, and after having sampled French bakery items, I have one thing to say: our bakery KICKS BUTT. The stuff from our bakery is just as good or, dare I say it, better than what I’ve had here. We should be incredibly thankful.”   From a customer’s email home to her parents   5/4/09

“This place has the best European bread ever!  It’s a family run operation, and is reflected in the quality of service and ambiance. Their customer service matches the quality of their products.  My family always looks forward to their Christmas stollen, which we receive in the mail, and my wife has discovered is a great holiday gift for friends and family”.   Josh N. -  San Francisco, CA    8/1/09