Welcome To Bracken Mountain Bakery
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Welcome to Bracken Mountain Bakery

Bracken Mountain Bakery is located in the town of Brevard, nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The bakery specializes in crusty European style breads and pastries, as well as American regional favorites. Bracken Mountain Bakery is committed to making quality products, using real butter, dark chocolate, local honey, stoneground organic flour, and many other wholesome organic ingredients. Everything is mixed from scratch, hand formed, and baked on the premises fresh every day.

Bracken Mountain Bakery also has a strong commitment to its customers.  It has become a popular place for the locals to gather for coffee, croissants and companionship and many new friendships have been formed at its tables. Over the years, many tourists have become such regular customers that they are welcomed as locals too. In fact, several have now become residents of Brevard and claim that the bakery was influential on their decision on where to relocate! Forex broker